cwatm_initial module

class cwatm.cwatm_initial.CWATModel_ini[source]

Bases: cwatm.management_modules.dynamicModel.DynamicModel

CWATN initial part this part is to initialize the variables. It will call the initial part of the hydrological modules Global variables

Variable [self.var]




Flag: True if modflow_coupling = True in settings file


i = 1
class cwatm.cwatm_initial.Config[source]

Bases: object

class cwatm.cwatm_initial.Variables[source]

Bases: object

load_initial(name, default=0.0, number=None)[source]

First it is checked if the initial value is given in the settings file

  • if it is <> None it is used directly

  • if None it is loaded from the init netcdf file

  • name – Name of the init value

  • default – default value -> default is 0.0

  • number – in case of snow or runoff concentration several layers are included: number = no of the layer


spatial map or value of initial condition