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Burek, P., Satoh, Y., Kahil, T., Tang, T., Greve, P., Smilovic, M., Guillaumot, L., Zhao, F., and Wada, Y.: Development of the Community Water Model (CWatM v1.04) - a high-resolution hydrological model for global and regional assessment of integrated water resources management, Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 3267–3298, https://doi.org/10.5194/gmd-13-3267-2020, 2020.

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Manual of CWatM (version 1.05, October 2020)

Burek, P., Smilovic, M., Guillaumot, L., de Bruijn, J., Greve, P., Satoh, Y., Islaam, A., Virgen-Urcelay, A., Tang, T., Kahil, T., and Wada, Y.: Community Water Model CWatM Manual, Laxenburg, Austria, IIASA Report, 2020.

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Publication using CWatM

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Additional selected publications

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Research Scholars, Water Program, IIASA

CWatM started in April 2016

Leading WAT Program and group:
David Wiberg (2014-2015), Bill Cosgrove and Peter Burek (2016), Simon Langan (2016-2019), Yoshihide Wada (2019-2020), Taher Kahil (2021-)
Hydrology and Programming:
Peter Burek (2016-), Yoshihide Wada(2016-), Yusuke Satoh(2016-), Peter Greve(2017-2022), Mikhail Smilovic(2018-), Luca Guillaumot(2018-), Jens de Bruijn(2019-), Sarah Hanus (2022-), Dor Fridman (2022-), Emilio Politti (2023-)
Interface to Water Quality and Hydro-economic modeling:
Taher Kahil (2016-), Ting Tang (2018-)
Alejandra Virgen-Urcelay (2018)
Design of CWatM schematic view:
Adam Islaam (2019)
Intro video:
Junko Mochizuki (2019)
Contribution from:
Fang Zhao, East China Normal University, China
Mengu Wang, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Wenting Yang, Tsinghua University, China
Xiaogang He, Anjuli Figueroa, Stanford University, USA